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I am Omar Taher Saad

Computer Engineer,Full Stack Web Developer,Video Editor,Founder of Thanawya Helwa,Graphic Designer

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Name: Omar Taher Saad

Profile: Computer Engineer

Email: contact@omartahersaad.com


HTML, CSS & JS 90%
PHP 75%
Laravel 80%
VUE JS 70%
C# 85%
Photoshop 95%
Premiere Pro 90%
About me

I managed to gain many skills by self-learning; I learnt web development using PHP & basic front end skills, then I upgraded myself and finished the laracast's courses of Laravel and Vuejs. I took other courses on Coursera in algorithms, data structures, and neural networks. Now, I'm still taking courses on Coursera to finish the neural networks specialization.

I'm open to new experiences and I'm very interested in working remotely, you will find me good communicator, friendly, and most important: Committed to deadlines.


Here's what I can offer to you ..

Software Engineering

I can code in C, C++, C# and Python. I used many technologies like .NET Core, MVC Design Pattern, LINQ, relational DBs in SQLite and MySQL. I studied data structures and algorithms, also I studied logic circuits and computer organization.

Web Development

I work as a full stack web developer, I use PHP Laravel in the backend, and Sass and Vue.js in the frontend. Also I worked on websites that have online payment, notifications, and many various features.

Video Editing

I work on video production starting from shooting, color correction and pre-editing touches. I work on audio editing and noise cancellation, and I do the montage work and make all required graphics.

Responsive Design

I make web designs that are mobile-first. My designs fit in all screen sizes so that your website works well in all cases.

Graphic Design

I'm able to make graphic, GIFs, Infographs, and all types of prints

Social Media Marketing

I can work on putting marketing plans for all social media platforms, and work on executing them and work with Audience Insights on Facebook platform. I do well with Ads targeting as well.

I'll be glad to recieve your message

It's hard to answer immediately, but I will do as fast as possible