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I am Omar Taher Saad

Computer Engineer,Full Stack Web Developer,Founder of Thanawya Helwa, YouTube Content Creator

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Name: Omar Taher Saad

Profile: Computer Engineer

Email: contact@omartahersaad.com


Laravel 100%
OOP [Object Oriented Programming] 99%
MySQL 98%
Data Structures & Algorithms 95%
PHP 95%
Git 90%
HTML, CSS & JS 90%
SQLite 84%
Unit Testing 80%
C++ 80%
Python 80%
VUE JS 75%
Linux 70%
C# 65%
About Me

I'm Omar Taher Saad, a Software Engineer & Full Stack Web Developer, with expertise in many programming languages like PHP, Python, C++, and C#.

Challenges I dealt with:

  • Payment Gateways Integrations
  • API integrations
  • UI Designing
  • Full website development from scratch
  • Webhooks

Web development:

  • PHP Laravel
  • Vue.js
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

Some of the APIs I Connected:

  • Payments: Stripe - PayPal - Paymob - Tap - Fawry - National Bank of Egypt - Banque Misr
  • Messaging: Twilio - Cequens - Zipwhip - Telnyx
  • POS: Cova - Flowhub - Vend
  • KYC: Sumsub
  • Others: Kraken - Egyptian eInvoicing - Telegram - Jandrozd

I'm committed to deadlines, having the ability to finish tasks exactly as it was told to me, without any delays, and with the flexibility to additional small edits.

I'm open to new experiences and I'm very interested in working remotely, you will find me good communicator, friendly, and most important: Committed to deadlines.


Here's what I can offer to you ..

Software Engineering

I can code in C, C++, C# and Python. I used many technologies like .NET Core, MVC Design Pattern, LINQ, relational DBs in SQLite and MySQL. I studied data structures and algorithms, also I studied logic circuits and computer organization.

Web Development

I can build websites from scratch to fullfil your requirements, wether it is a portfolio website, E-commerce with online payment and notifications, or anything you ever need. I use PHP Laravel, Sass, Vue.js, and sometimes I use WordPress and WooCommerce.

Payment Gateway Integrations

I can integrate any payment gateway to your existing website, I dealt with PayPal, Stripe, Fawry, Paymob, Fawaterak, and much more!

WordPress Custom Plugins

I can develop custom WordPress plugins for almost anything! I can make custom payment gateways integrations, custom stylings and more.

Some of the APIs I Connected

I'll be glad to recieve your message

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